February monthly horoscope

During the full moon on the 19th, tend to your home, domestic affairs, loved ones, and your personal life in general. Keep a close watch on those who populate your everyday life, Cancer — partnerships of all kinds will demand your attention this month, though your romantic interests will be first in line.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope February 12222

This energy can give you social tunnel vision. The 11th will be your cue to shift focus and direct your charms toward the powers that be at work. You may feel a renewed interest in networking or, at the very least, putting some face time in with the most powerful players around the office. You could find genuine joy and fulfillment at work this month, even if that comes at the cost of your social life how un-Leo-like of you. Funnel that sense of ease into every task you take on this month and keep track of your accomplishments.

February 2019 Monthly Horoscopes

The full moon on the 19th will put you on high alert for financial imbalances in your life. These could crop up at work or on the homefront. This lunar phase is as much about giving as it is about taking for you, Leo. Instead, focus on how you can improve upon the systems that are already working in your life. A small tweak to your habits at work or health regimen made now could have major returns by the full moon. Speaking of which, the 19th will see the moon reach fullness in your sign, lighting up your sense of self.

Serenity now? Venus in your fourth house is urging you to test your skills as a domestic deity and spend your free time feathering your nest.

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Should you choose to Konmari your space, your sentimental objects will be a particular draw. That day, Mars will start stirring the pot in your relationship sector. Your inner circle may request your diplomatic input on all matters in their personal lives. Your romantic partners may demand more attention. You may face neediness, conflict, or, hopefully, possibly, greater harmony.

Make like the scales that symbolize your sign and try to keep a level head. This month will all but demand that you find a creative outlet, Scorpio. As February begins, listen to the voice in your head that likes to narrate your wildest flights of fancy.

October Skies The Astrology Of The Month Ahead ~ Darkstar Astrology

Are you ready to have that reputation tested? The new moon on Monday, February 4th will see you in social butterfly mode, fielding invites, enjoying instant chemistry with new people, and generally finding yourself at the center of important discussions. With love planet Venus hanging out in your financial sector nearly all month long, your communication skills will go the distance if you direct them toward networking — your natural charm could be the thing that seals your next big deal.

As you flit from one event or date to the next, take comfort knowing that Mars will supercharge your health and well-being starting on the 14th. Your tireless reputation should remain intact come March. Give yourself a break and at least try to go with the flow. Opportunities for romance, self-care, and, simply put, play time will abound from February 3 onward.

The moon has got its eye on you this month, Aquarius — ready to shine?

October Skies 12222

To begin, the new moon on the 4th will turn your thoughts toward what makes you, well, you. Aquarians are a famously unique bunch, but when was the last time you stopped and considered what truly makes you stand out from the pack? Identify those traits and then look back on your past successes. Find out how all the star signs will fare in February Based on the Aries star sign , the stars are aligned in your favor in February and they are abundantly blessing the affairs of your family.

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You are looking to see if your skills can be applied in another area of work altogether.

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